Café Rica

Café Rica, Original Coffee Liqueur of Costa Rica, is a quality and tradition maintained for over 30 years. Our Coffee Liqueur gives real meaning to the story of "Costa Rica Coffee." We use gourmet coffee beans grown in cooler highlands of Costa Rica. That's why Café Rica holds the aroma and flavor that has conquered the most refined tastes worldwide.

Café Rica available in:

Bottles: 750ml, 200ml and 60ml

Golden Cream
Golden Cream

Our own unique Coffee Cream Liqueur is prepared by mixing using the finest liqueur Costa Rica Coffee, Café Rica. A special recipe, acclaimed both for its creamy texture and its rich bouquet. Enjoy your favorite moments with a glass of chilled Golden Cream ...! Proudly national and at a great price.

Enjoy your best moments with a glass of GOLDEN CREAM.

Golden Cream available in:

Bottles: 750ml, 200ml and 60ml

Orange Bouquet
Orange Bouquet

An Orange Liqueur is a very exotic and exclusive drink. We know this, which is why we prepare our own recipe for Orange Bouquet, using higher quality oranges harvested in Costa Rica. Expert tasters have rated Orange Bouquet world numerous times, comparing its quality to that of a world-famous "Cointreau" or a "Triple Sec".

Orange Bouquet available in:

Bottles: 750ml, 200ml and 60ml

Licor de Menta
Mint Liqueur

Our Mint Liqueur is a fine blend of fresh mint which you should enjoy your refined taste fresh and excellent taste. This liqueur served cold or at room temperature is a great after-dinner drink, or can be used to mix in your favorite cocktails. Try our Mint Liqueur Salicsa and discover its unique flavor ...

Mint Liqueur available in:

Bottles: 750ml and 60ml

Triple Seco
Triple Sec

Salicsa Triple Sec has a unique flavor that makes it a must to add to your cocktails such as the Margarita, and is a real pleasure as after-dinner liqueur, or just try it on the rocks. Its delicious taste will love as a taste of Costa Rica.

Triple Sec available in:

Bottles: 750ml

Guru Vodka
(Sugar Cane Liqueur)

This fine liquor represents the spirit of our sugarcane, when tested will notice refined taste and incomparable features. Serve with your favorite mixer Guru (Coca Cola, Ginger Ale, fruit juice, orange juice, etc).

Guru Vodka available in:

Bottles: 1000ml, 750ml and 350ml

Ron bucanero
Ron Bucanero Special Reserve Rum

When we produce our Bucanero Special Reserve Rum we actually implement an art mixed with a little magic, magic that is refined through years of perfection and aging of our distillate obtained from sugar cane.

It is no coincidence that our quality is unmatched and provides a taste irreplaceable. Secrets shared by our grandparents as a tradition were given to us to enjoy this rum now with great pleasure.

Ron Bucanero is specially aged in oak barrels for a taste in good company primordial. Enjoy good company of Ron Bucanero Special Reserve.

Ron Bucanero Special Reserve Rum available in:

Bottles: 700ml, 200ml and 60ml

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